Astrology: Second House, Taurus

This is the realm of Taurus/Scorpio, the polarity between receiving the gift of life and surrendering that gift.

You will know you are working with these mysteries if you are experiencing any of the following life material:

Intensity, emotional charge, extreme pleasure or pain, loss, heartbreak, extreme weather, disasters, embodied elation, new partner, lots of money, lack of money, new home, moving, collapse, sense of instability of government, and anything else that affects your balance of fruitful embodiment and sleep.

Sleep is the mini-death where we get to practice naturally falling, surrendering and letting go every day.

Before you start, make sure that you will not be interrupted for at least 30 minutes. Have some water nearby, pencil, paper, notebook/journal, and perhaps light a candle to officiate the space as sacred. Assume the non-judgement posture and accept the mystery that is you.

Start by getting grounded. Close your eyes and take a moment to feel your breath as it enters in through your nostrils and expands your rib-cage. Pull all your energy in toward your body. Imagine your feet rooting into the earth and your head connecting you to the sky. Run energy through your body from earth and sky. Circulate that through your heart. This is earth/sky breathing. Open to receive.

As you answer these questions, pause between questions and take another full cycle of earth/sky breath. Allow space for your body unwind and unfold. The answers are there.

2. Values, supporting your body, receiving pleasure and abundance.

  • What did I learn to value or see as valuable in childhood?


  • How does my self-worth tie into beliefs about money?


  • How do I choose to spend my disposable income?


  • How do I honor my physical body?


  • How do I feed my senses?


  • Am I open to receiving gifts?


8. Sex, Death, Secrets, Power, Music, Energy Fields.

  • What did I learn as a child about the invisible/unseen energies? Example: Shamanism, energy fields, magic, psychic phenomena, ect.


  • How do I relate to the invisible/unseen energies of sex, death, secrets, power, music, energy fields, ect.? Example: I have no idea, I work with this energy consciously, it freaks me out, I feel energy, music makes me dance or cry, ect.


  • What forbidden or taboo material am I most drawn to?


  • How do I feel about keeping secrets? Mine or others.


  • If everything that I acquired through my life, including my closest relationships, were to disappear, what would I be left with?

  • Who am I without my stuff?

 The 2nd and 8th questions relate to life-force energy. How we support and are supported by physically embodiment (2nd) and how we surrender embodiment and work with power in the 8th. This axis is referred to as the Tantric path. Tantra, in short, is bringing together all of parts of a thing to experience a profound union of your individual soul essence with that of the Absolute, Soul of the Universe, God, Consciousness, ect.

This week: Write down whatever comes to mind relating to fully embodying your essence nature and fully surrendering that embodiment. What does it feel like to know that every moment of your life has opportunity for bliss as well as dissolution of that bliss? Take some time to reflect on the questions and answers over the week. Set aside 20-30 minutes to be with your body and feel whatever comes up. Imagine that the energy arising is a delicious meal. Allow your body to absorb what it needs and fully digest. Just like your physical body, the energy body will eliminate what it doesn’t need.

STASIS/FIXED: Taurus/Earth: Pleasure lover, fully embodied, Venusian, epicurean, indulgent, who’s gift is that of being in healthy receivership of the earthly delights. 

Venus: Known as the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Venusian energy is that of slow, drawn out pleasure and resembles the lush mother Earth.