Astrology: Fourth House, Cancer

4.    Home and Roots

·      What was my childhood home like?

·      Looking back, what did I need the most that I got from my childhood home? What did I need the most that I did NOT get from my childhood home?

·      What is most important for me to feel “at home” now?

·      Describe the “nest” from which I emerge every day. What sort of substance/environment do I need to feel most nourished?

·      If I were a tree, what would the condition of my roots be now?

10.  Public Persona, Career, Contribution to the World

·      How do my peers describe me?

·      When I walk through a crowded space, what stands out about me?

·      If I were a tree, how would the condition of my branches and limbs be?

  • Even if I didn’t get paid, what would be the 1 thing I would do as a service to others no matter what?

The 4th questions bring clarity around what we need to nurture our self and how that relates to going out into the world to offer our contribution in the 10th questions. Think of a tree. Its roots need to be healthy and nourished for the branches and leaves to be healthy.

CREATION/CARDINAL: Cancer/Water: Nurturing parent energy, loving, responsible to its progeny, compassionate, soggy, who’s concerned with furthering the family/home. 

Moon: In our current culture, the Moon is known for being feminine and representative of our inner emotional reality. Lunar energy relates to our connection to the mother and our lineage. Physical, metaphysical and/or psychological.